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Use these gorgeous pieces alone, or combine them with other pieces to create beautiful table decor.  
For a special touch, incorporate your own flowers, petals, personalized candy kisses, 
diamond scatters, or anything else uniquely you!
Visit our studio to create the tablescapes of your dreams!

39" tall - uses one 4" LED candle
Rental: $55 each (without candle)
Rental: $58 (with candle)
12 pieces available
*Flowers not included
18" tall - uses 5 LED tealights
Rental: $20 each 
(without tealights)
Rental: $23 (with tealights)
8 pieces available
24" tall - uses 5 LED tapers
Rental: $25 each (without tapers)
Rental: $35 (with tapers)
35 pieces available
13 Globe Crystal Candelabra 
36.5" tall - uses 13 LED votives 
or tealights
Rental: $60 each (without candles)
Rental: $67(with tealights)
Rental: $73(with votives)
36 pieces available
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Silver Candle Holders with 
Glass Globe
*Priced per piece, not 3 piece set
4 sizes - each use one 
4" LED candle
"Jasmine" Globe short: 14.5" tall 
Rental: $5.50 each (without candle)
Rental: $8.50 each (with candle)
36 pieces available

"Jasmine" Globe tall: ​17.5" tall
Rental: $6 each (without candle)
Rental: $9 (with candle)
33 pieces available

"Jasmine" Halo short: 18.5"
Rental: $6.50 (without candle)
Rental: $9.50 (with candle)
35 pieces available

"Jasmine" Halo tall: 22.5"
Rental: $7.50 (without candle)
Rental: $10.50 (with candle)
36 pieces available

"Jasmine" Rental Pricing
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